Everything you Need to Know about Using Blingstrands and Hair Feathers!

Bling Strands How-To

We have experimented with several types of knots, and this is the one we have found to be the most reliable. As with anything you are trying for the first time, be patient and remember that practice makes perfect. Now let's get blinging!

Our Bling package is designed to be easy to use and keep your strands neat. Simply pen the re-sealable flap at the bottom. Reach in to grasp a strand and gently pull it out. Re-seal package until you are ready to use again.

1. Take your single Bling Strand and fold it in half, creating a loop. To begin, select a single strand of hair along the part line of the hair style. Hold this hair vertically away from the head. Using your right hand, place the folded Bling behind the hair. The hair vertical; the Bling horizontal. Like a plus sign.

2. Secure the plus with your right forefinger and thumb.

3. The first knot we will make will be a slip knot. To do this, use your left thumb and forefinger and come through from behind the loop of Bling. Then reach around the front of the hair to grasp the two ends of the Bling Strands. Gently pull the two ends of the Bling back through the loop pulling slightly to create your slip knot. Slide the slip knot to the base of the hair next to the scalp. You will have the hair in one hand and the 2 Bling Strands in the other.

4. We are now going to make 2 regular knots. Just like when tying your shoes. Try not to pull the hair or Bling too taught. This could pull out and make tying knots more difficult.

5. As you are learning to tie, it may help to have someone place their finger over the slip knot to keep it at the scalp.

6. Now that your knots are completed, drop the hair and take one piece of Bling in each hand. Gently tug the two pieces of Bling in opposite directions. You will feel a slight "pop" and the knots will flatten out. This is normal and will secure the knots. Now just simply trim any long ends and smooth into the hair.

7. The next strand you will tie in will be directly across from the other. You will continue working your way down the part in increments of approximately one inch. An average style uses 10-15 strands of Bling.

You are now ready to "Bling It On" in style!

Hair Feathers How-To

1. First section hair to the desired place your client wants the feathers. Do not place them too low or the feathers will not be visible.

2. Thread the micro bead(s) onto the hook. Choose a color that is nearest their root color not the color of their ends as the colored hair will grow out and bead will be more visible.

3. Get a section of hair that is approximately 1/2 x1/2 inch square. If the hair in thinner or thicker you will have to make sure there is enough hair but not too much or there will be no room for feathers to slide in.

4. Pull hair through bead and move bead up near the scalp. You do not want to put it right next to the scalp or the extension will hurt until it grows out a little.

5. Gently slide in the feathers you want to install. You will find that there is a brighter side of the feather if it has been colored and this is what I like to have facing up. Keep adding as many feathers as you want.

6. Once all your feathers are in, take your pliers and move up the bead if needed and give it a pinch. I like to tighten it once more using a good amount of pressure.

7. When the bead is clamped in you will see it looks flattened like this.

8. Once you are done, you will need to trim any long ends and even the short ends that are poking up through the bead. If you don't the ends will poke your clients head and be uncomfortable.

If you would like your own copy of our "How To" DVD, you may order it along with your Bling Strands for $5.00.